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What if the world accepted your sexual desires for Kink, Fetish and D/s-BDSM  as NORMAL?

Living in an intolerant, moralistic, judgmental and punitive culture, has led many of us to hold our authentic sexual desires out of the light, if acknowledged at all.

In this dark state, our sexuality may have become entangled with mild to extreme shame, fear, confusion, harsh self-judgments, harsh projections,   lack of confidence,  trust or acting with secrecy or deception.

In a free society, could there be anything more absurd, harmful, and unnecessary than adults hiding or being persecuted for the truth of their consensual erotic desires, because others in their culture might disapprove!

Your kink or fetish-centered sexuality is as natural, authentic and valid a part of you as your eye color, or your desire to be loved!

Deep down within you, your erotic nature is already fully developed. It already knows how to confidently express all of your very real and “natural” sexual yearnings.

For many of us, however,  our rich erotic potentials, from holy to perverse,  are greatly diminished, or held back entirely, by numerous embedded beliefs our sex-negative culture has entangled them in.

I want to help you get untangled!

My intention as a personal guide, workshop presenter, advocate and author over the last twelve years has been to help others bring their sexual desires out of the shadows and into emotionally and physically safe, conscious expression. I have helped hundreds of sincere people find an honorable path,  for the  real-world expression of their sexuality, no matter what the truth of it is.  Just as importantly, they also learned to express their desires in a way that remained in  integrity with their agreements to themselves and others important to them.

Ultimately, it is only through impeccable honesty, with ourselves and our partners, that we can be free to experience the full depth and power that our sexual truth holds for us.  If your desire is to ground your sexual desires in a mature, healthy foundation, that is in integrity with your values, then I would love to support you to achieve that!

Our cultures, religions and families, generally do not offer a safe, compassionate, nonjudgmental place to honor and discuss the full spectrum of our sexual desire. Nor do they respect or encourage any but the narrowest view of acceptable sexual practices.

That’s I why I began working with individuals, couples and groups over 10 years ago. I wanted to create a safe, compassionate, enlightened sanctuary where someone could come to speak, be witnessed, ask questions, heal, express and explore whatever their sexual truth was. I wanted to make sure there was at least one place where people could feel welcomed, honored, encouraged and admired for who they were sexually and in all regards.

The fear of shaming, harsh judgments, being an outcast, loss of employment, family and friends, can leave many of us hidden or shadowy about our true sexual nature. Some of us are so deep in shame, or guilt we can’t get past the fear of speaking openly about our desires to those closest to us, even if they were open to hear it. Some of us become consumed by secret incursions into fantasy, masturbation or porn rather than risk openly expressing what’s true. Many of us, when we were young, were emotionally wounded (traumatized or terrorized) around our sexuality, if not in fact sexually abused. We may have developed shyness or embarrassment, loss of trust, loss of confidence. We may have internalized the harsh voice of moral judgment from our father or mother, religion or culture, into our inner dialogue. And to one extent or another we may carry an innate fear of our sexual desire being discovered, getting caught in the act, the dreaded feeling of being busted and the disastrous consequences that might bring.

So if you have had a life-long or recent desire for some aspect of Fetish sex such as kink, Dominance and submission ( D/s) , BDSM ( bondage discipline sadism masochism ) or any of the thousands of fetish desires common in all of humanity, what can you do to include these desires in a conscious and safe way in your life? Self exploration is one way, but I believe the most effective option, is to find a skilled, experienced, compassionate guide to help you begin your journey. Someone who knows this complex terrain well and can help you avoid the numerous pitfalls down the path, and help you stay focused on your intention.

I work with all persuasions of men, women and couples, who have a desire for a particular sexual practice outside the conventional, but have kept it hidden. I choose to work with people who are interested in grounding their sexuality in a mature, personally sacred foundation. This work may also include compassionately examining and resolving the emotional fears and judgments that may have been keeping the truth of your Eros hidden from yourself and others.

Some of the issues and topics we can explore:

• Healing Guilt, Shame and Harsh Self-Judgments about your Sexuality
• Examining the Shadows of Your Sexual Expression – Secretive, Deceptive, Defensive Behaviors
• How to Negotiate Honestly for What you Want
• Creating Deeper Intimacy and Trust in Your Relationships
• Taking Eros out Our Heads and into Our Bodies
• My Partner is not into My Sexual Desires…What Can I Do?
• Exploring the Archetypal and Mythic Aspects of Fetish Eros
• Creating a Safe Path to Explore Fetish Eros
• The Balance Between Privacy and Openness
• Experiential Exploration of any Aspect of BDSM, Dominance and submission or Fetish

There is a lot more information about my background and experience, testimonials, and content on many aspects of sexuality, fetish, D/s, BDSM, shadow, presence, sacred sexuality and healing under the other tabs on this site. You might also find useful insight in the Conscious Fetish Blog themes as well.

I offer anyone a FREE initial phone consultation to answer any questions you may have and to get a sense if I am the right guide for you. Please give me a call, 503.442.5478 or email Galen@DakaDom.com to get started. There is no better time than NOW to be all of who you are!

My fees range from $75/hr. to $125/hr.  I am negotiable for any sincere client on my fees, to be considerate of your financial reality. Sessions can be arranged to occur via email, phone, Skype or in person. In person sessions are in Portland, Oregon. I also offer a variety of workshops, if you are interested in a workshop in your area, please contact me for further information.


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  1. I am a 61 year old crone goddess who within the last 3 years has experienced a huge sexual awakening….being introduced to sacred sexuality and goddess worship….supporting the feminine and the orgasmic bliss available to a mature woman for the rest of her life….this is a gift that should not be dismissed, hidden or ignored….It is my quest to help introduce my peer group…the baby boomer crone goddesses… to the gifts that are within…and most easily accessed thru sexual energies…..I am dedicated to serving the divine by communicating what I have learned and what the possibilities are…truthfully I believe the Patriarchal culture has robbed woman of their femininity…by depriving them of this truth…let alone all the other tragedies….like woman being so alienated from their bodies that they have no idea what and who their bodies are….that is so wrong…for a woman to reach maturity and not understand the power of orgasmic love or how her body can engender this incredible power for the well being of our existence…..is to be cheated of her right to joy. I am so excited about the sexual consciousness community who is opening doors every day…it is a new frontier…a growth industry even….and your take on perversion is a perfect example of the knowledge and acceptance we all need for ourselves and our partners….we all want to connect… it really is all there is….love… in what ever shape it takes for you…and woman are so incredibly repressed….and the world suffers every day…including all the men who want to connect themselves and can’t…no one is ok in the toxicity we live in….the shift is on…and your truth is part of it…thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Amy, for the courage to be who you are and support and encourage others to do so…keep speaking out!

  2. Are you going to be doing a workshop in the Sedona. AZ. area in the near future?

  3. i love your Fetlife Profile and the words i am reading so far on this blog…while i am still very much on the path of unpacking my sexuality from shame and other roots in my life…i am also on a path of healing through sexuality for myself and i hope one day for others…thank you for this site and all you share…

    My best…

  4. Thank You, Amy, for Your insights and passion. i fully agree, that patriarchy has suppressed women’s sexuality.. it has, indeed, opressed women in many ways.

    At 67, (Fetlife, loyalslave11) i have found myself deeply in need of the Goddess in my life and the transcendance She brings, and long for a relationship with a woman who represents this Goddess to me. Along with this, the concept of Female Supremacy is very interesting.
    This is not reverse patriarchy, or women’s turn to oppress men. It is a fantasy of the natural order as imagined by mythologies from ancient times to today.

    my experience is that i could not be the male person i have become without the Feminist movement who not only brought freedom for women , but for men as well. Their persistent sense of equality has enabled everyone to seek equity in every aspect of their lives, including sexuality. An outcome of Feminism, i believe, is the sex positive culture which embraces sexuality as a beautiful truth and beauty of life, in all its forms.

    But prejudice, especially about kink, will continue to exist to some extent, just as anti semetism and the like have. As Gordon Allport’s research on prejudice showed prejudgement is a part of human consciousness, part of a protective system and the need to identify with a group as one’s “in group”, and he said, every InGroup needs an OutGroup.

    Within ourselves we make this decison as to which in group and out groups exist for us. It is a great thing, Amy, to read of Your self definition, with strength and pride.
    Be well, everyone, and may Your peronal sexual mythologies continue to grow and develop contibuting to Your happiness and fulfillment.

    Thank You nfor this blog.


  5. Desire is the compass of creation. We live in a culture of toxic guilt. When human beings began to separate the world into good, and evil we covered ourselves in shame. Light is drawn out of darkness, the flower grows out of the dirt, and mud. For human potential to be fully realized, one must venture into the cave of shadows, exposing her nature, bringing fourth the seed of life.

  6. I am a 70 year old woman who for the last 40 years and many failed relationships, due to my immaturity, shame based neurosis, surviving a most painful childhood where I was always being misplaced in some convent in three countries. Feeling alone. sexually abused at age 5, which was not dealt with until age 28.
    I was this hyper sexual person, not finding true solace with anyone, drugs fit in, and then leading a life that was most definitely out of the norm. Trying to find myself. I found everything else, the next sexual experience with out want or lust. It became appalling. After I survived near death. I started my path at being the best I could. I got into therapy which has been a way of life for me since 1972. I became a social worker/Probation Officer..Received many accolades with them knowing about my life and truth. The repentant sinner, everyone loves those stories. I was living a life cut of from sex, gaining huge amounts of weight become split from my self…Interesting thing about the various therapies and lectures I attended none really dealt with sex, what turns you on, what are out secrets. Yet a common phrase was “you are as sick as your secrets.” I sure was
    for 41 years maybe even 42 years . Who’s counting. There was a woman 85 to 90 and that should have ended after one month. I did not know how to do that.
    I retired from work which I began to hate, I began to hate that there were so few resources for what was needed for “my kids.” I was sick. I retired and it took several years to get my health and life in better shape.
    Eleven months ago I broke my foot and had to stay off it which is hard for me to stay still. I found the internet porn sights and bdsm chat city. I found I got turned on in a completely different way. Met some in line Doms they told me what to do as far as meeting people in real life, and what to read. I did all of that.
    Finally one day after careful research I found a Dom/Master who turned out to be more than anything I could have ever expected. It ended before I was ready, Now thinking back I would never have been ready to leave him. He was and is special. Now wondering if I will ever find one like him. I do know what I want now, and how not to be so ignorant the next time. I am a better woman for having experienced him.
    I am involved in the community and try not to be hopeless as there are far fewer Doms, and most I have met my age is a barrier, or they are Poly, or a Switch, or bi. Not that I think those things are bad but it is not what I want.
    I am filled with questions as to the mental health of many as it appears sometimes that I am in a hot bed of people needing medication and some real guidance not necessarily in bdsm practice. There are so many doing things without Honor, Integrity, Responsibility.
    Now I know myself better in ways I would never have thought possible. The friends I have made in the community have saved my life.
    I am the student waiting for his Disciple.
    OH I have so many unanswered questions.

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