ballgag 108x150 TestimonialsGalen brings a high level of integrity and presence as he safely invites us to open to our shadow parts. Now, more than ever, the world needs ritual space for that expression. Thank you, Galen.” Anna Marti – AnnaMarti.com

“Galen, our last session had a powerful impact.  I never realized how much fear I have buried under my cool, calm exterior. You have such a powerful, yet gentle presence and wisdom that allowed me to feel safe to open up. It was such a relief” MIike C.

“I have had sessions at Body Electric and was quite amazed at how your guidance and healing touch moved me out of places I felt stuck in my head….and body. It was a most fulfilling experience. Thank you.” C L.

“Galen is a Man of uninhibited pleasure and talent that few can compare with. His Mastery of body, mind and soul cannot be compared.” tegaja

Galen’s abililty to merge the dark with light is amazing. His energy is compelling. Most importantly, Galen is a man with deep integrity. Not only was I physically safe with him but emotionally he made sure I was ready for what I pleaded for.” Eve

” In my adult life my secret desires ranged from being “Daddy’s lil girl” to a submissive slut begging for more. Galen’s ability to guide me thru these dark desires, while keeping “me” safe is truly the art and work of an experienced Daka.. I was never afraid for my safety, all boundaries were honored. Galen opened me to sense and explore all range of my emotions as well – from the erotic highs of begging for more torment…to greater awareness and healing from whatever shadows or wounded parts arose that Galen helped me process. He connected with me before each session, making sure I was present and truly ready for what I asked for. My experience with Galen has helped me grow from a shy woman wanting to explore her sexuality – to embracing my “inner slut” . My sense of my sexuality has been enriched by exploring my submissive side, learning how to open up and expand my horizons, discovering so many different ways to eroticize the act of bondage, edge play, suspension, and more. I highly commend Galen for his compassion, and honesty. He is always in control, and your safety and well-being are always important first and foremost in every session. lilgirl subt

“Several months ago I sought out a mentor and confessor who would require, an “out loud” confession of each of my transgressions. A mentor who would guide me through acts of atonement, physical punishment, and finally grant me, acceptance and forgiveness. My investigation, led me to Galen. Galen’s interrogation methods induced a full account of each of my transgressions. His fatherly firmness during punishment, and his gracious encouragement during the reward phase, is just what I, was looking for. As a mentor, he has never failed, to make me feel, honored, safe, and cared for. In the short time we have been working together, he has introduced me to a broader sense of myself. Therefore, the sessions impact me at a depth I have never felt till now.” scarlett

“Galen is an attentive Dom who honors the Dom/sub relationship with respect, wisdom and integrity. He gently and firmly coaxed out my nasty depths by requiring me to talk about my favorite submissive fantasies and to be honest about my needs. My tender vulnerabilities were always met with kind understanding. A trust was built that allowed me to experience the surrender a sub so yearns for – and to reclaim my power as the hot sexy slut that I am. Galen has a sharp mind and a wonderful arsenal of toys and restraints. He is sadistic and passionate. He is mature and experienced. If you’re looking for safe ground to explore your submissive slut, Galen can help you.” M

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  1. Many people believe that Christianity and Dark Eros are contrary lifestyles that cannot co-exist. I was one of those people until I met Galen. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that God brought Galen into my life as an instrument of healing and growth.

    I came to Galen a wounded, vulnerable woman who, due to childhood abuse, was uncomfortable being touched. I was closed off and closed down and not open to receiving the good things God wanted to give me. Today, three years later, I am a strong, healthy woman in love with a wonderful man who loves me back. (Thank you God) I know that I wouldn’t have been open to this relationship if Galen hadn’t walked beside me for a while in life.

    In our very first session, Galen told me that “healing is a choice you make.” He entered every session fully present, with a high level of integrity, basing his actions on whether they served MY greater good. He taught me to recognize and listening to the different parts of myself and gave me a safe container to open myself up to vulnerability and fear. Now “intentions” and “boundaries,” things that were foreign and awkward to me before our sessions, are an integrated part of my life.

    The thing I appreciated most about Galen is that he could have chosen to ignore God’s calling to be a channel of His healing for me…but he didn’t. I don’t think he always recognizes the impact he has on his clients’ lives but he changed my life for the better.

  2. Just found this.
    Apart from anything else it seems such fun.
    Wish you were in England.

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