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rope Personal GuidanceUntangle Your Erotic Desire from all the internal and external moral,  cultural, and familial conflicts that may resist, interfere with, sabotage, or shut down your desire.

For over 12 years, I have offered personalized guidance, coaching, discussion and experiential exploration to support others to wholly and confidently embrace the truth of their Eros. If it is right for you, this may include looking closer at the fears, sexual traumas, shame or harsh internal self-judgments that have been holding you back,  in ways that you now want to move past. We move at your pace and help you take this journey a step at a time…or a leap, as you are ready!

I work with women, men or couples of any sexual orientation (straight, gay, or bi, including cd’s tv’s trans or other) . I support anyone who desires to ground their Erotic desires in a personally sacred and mature foundation.

Would you like to be able to discuss and/or explore the full range of your Erotic desires, from mild to the darkest edge, at a pace that is right for you, without expectations or judgments? Would you value a well-versed, experienced confidante who can mentor you on your journey to your sacred sexual truth? My intensive exploration of the sacred, spiritual, psychological, emotional and ritual aspects of Eros, D/s, BDSM, Tantra, Quodoshka and others, as well as my personal work and training in shadow work, conscious movement, touch and ritual practices, has led me to the path of Erotic guide, mentor, coach and healer. My intention is to help you honor and encourage what is true for you, sexually and otherwise.

Within the safety of a discreet, private, comfortable setting, the dark or hidden aspects of your personal Eros can be called forth in a way that can be physically, emotionally and spiritually transforming. This may require exploration of the “gatekeepers”, the parts of you that have held your authentic Eros in check. Some of our work together may include considering how these gatekeepers – judgments (“this is immoral, dangerous, sick or disgusting” ), shadows ( denial, sneaking behind a partner’s back, sexual addictions, compulsive behaviors), and emotional wounds we might carry (“I’m not attractive, sexy, worthy” , “I am afraid of being hurt again”) effect getting what you truly desire.

Before scheduling a session, we would do an initial interview (in-person or by phone) to discuss your intention, desires, fears, and experience. I will also answer any and all questions you might have. If we agree to work together, we would discuss what we want to accomplish in our initial in-person or phone session. Sessions usually range from 1.5 to 3 hours.

Sessions Overview

Our work together may include straightforward compassionate, nonjudgmental discussion and supportive guidance; techniques to deeply relax and connect you deeper to your body; exploration of the fears and self-judgments that have held your Eros back; and specific, safe, negotiated explorations of what you desire. The processes used may include conscious touch, conscious movement, shadow work, voice dialogue, ritual, ceremony and other creative and imaginal gateways to the a wealth of presently unconscious material, strategic planning to help you get to your goals, and specific “scenes”, negotiated to explore aspects of D/s, BDSM, or Fetish.

Mindfulness techniques practice getting present
Conscious Movement and embodiment techniques – solo and in tandem with me
Learning about and working with our Shadows
Strategic Action Plan – everything requires practice and a practice – that you create.
Exploration – specific scenes negotiated to explore aspects of D/s, BDSM, or Fetish

My fees range from $75 – $125/hour. I am negotiable on my fees to be considerate of your financial reality for those who are sincere. Sessions can be arranged to occur via email, phone  skype, or in person. In person sessions are in Portland, Oregon. To arrange a FREE initial discussion or to learn more, I invite you to contact me or call 503.442.5478


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  1. I hope you can deliver your seminar in New York City.

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