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It is unfortunate that there are so few places in our culture where we can speak openly about our deepest sexual yearnings. I know how difficult it can be to take that first step. It requires a high measure of trust. To help bridge that trust, I offer a FREE phone consultation where we can talk openly, you can ask questions and we can both get a sense if I am the right Guide for you to explore deeper into your sexulity and the issues that may be blocking its expression.

To arrange an intial FREE phone consultation, please send me an email with a brief description of the aspect of Eros you wish to explore or find resolution to. Also include some general times you would be available to talk. Or if you are comfortable, you may call  503.442.5478.  If I am not available, please leave a message and a time to call you back.

Ongoing sessions can be conducted via phone, email, Skype or in my private office in Portland, Oregon.

It is wonderful that you have made it this far…if you are ready to take the next step call or email Galen Today!

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  1. Hello Galen,
    I heard word of your SF workshop coming up and would like to attend.
    I’m a FBSM/Domme in Marin and navigating between the two is an interesting experience.
    Your work sounds perfect for some of the issues that come up for me.
    I also wanted to compliment you on your website. It’s lovely, and is refreshing to see your thoughtful reflection on such a complex and wonderful aspect of humanity.
    Please pass on, when you’re ready, the cost of the workshop and details.
    I just wanted my name on your attendees list.
    Look forward to it.

  2. Thank you for this site!
    I felt such RELIEF just from reading the first page. I have been on this journey on my own for all of my conscious life. I became aware of my inclinations at age three and have felt that I had to hide them ever since. I know that my sleep issues stemmed from feeling like I needed to stay awake after my parents went to sleep in order to explore myself fully.
    I have been a powerful submissive bottom since long before I understood what I felt. I know that I exist in a currently confused role, but it doesn’t feel confusing to me….
    Thank you for the validation I feel from your site.

    • Hi Kim…I am so glad you found some relief here…that is my intention…I hope you keep finding the courage and support to be who you are in all ways.

      Bless you


  3. Hi Galen I wnat to order the book, but all I have is NOOk and there was nothing that mentioned getting it that way. Can one oreder the book and then download it from a site ?
    I feel priviledged in having met you, and like the song Constant Craving by k.d.Lang I thought reading your book my asuage my needs.

  4. I am wondering about locations of workshops and if they are offered live. I am in the AR/MO area…

    • HI MIndy…thanks for your inquiry…at this time, sorry to say, I do not have anything scheduled in your area. If that changes, I will update you. Best regards, Galen

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