Dec 042012

rope Conscious Fetish Puja   the Wedding of the Sacred and Profane, 12/14   PortlandIf you are curious to find a Conscious way to “fit” Fetish, Kink or D/s-BDSM Desires into your sexual expression, this Puja will help you begin the journey.

Come join us as we explore the paradox of our instinctual, primitive, wild, fierce, shadowy, soulful, profane natures, and our refined, tender, compassionate , heart-centered, sweet, sensuous, sacred tender natures, and how the two can be held in balance together.

This Puja will be experiential as well as contextual. The foundation will be laid in trust, respect, safety, clarity , agreement and intention. We will start by connecting with ourselves, and then others, in ways that bring us to greater presence, awareness, embodiment and intimacy .

We will clarify boundaries and safe-words. From this foundation, we will journey into the frontiers of Fetish and Kink oriented desire that will include dominance and submission, stepping into our power or surrendering it, enhancing or restricting sensation and movement, giving commands of what we want or obeying consensually to what another wants, and other such explorations. We may pause and take time to check in about what is coming up for us internally, or we may push ahead deeper into the terrain, or wilderness, as I think of it, of our fetish desires. You will be in charge of your own journey at all times. Every process will be consensual. You set your own boundaries.

Please bring: 3 silk scarves or such, 3 to 4ft long
these could be from an old but clean sheet or other light material that is about 4-6 inches wide
and can be twisted or folded without being too bulky(i.e., like a scarf)

2 objects, such as stones or something of that nature,
each of which can fit, one in each hand,
one white, one black, or one light and one dark.

The Wedding of the Sacred and Profane
Friday Dec 14th 7:00-10:00
gender balanced event – invite a friend, beloved or kindred spirit

Registration is through the Sacred Tantra Club website only

If not yet a member please go to to create a profile…-it is free
Portland, OR location given with registration



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