Tantra Domina Workshop for Professional Practioners


flogger5 Tantra Domina Workshop for Professional PractionersWeaving Together Elements of Sacred Sexuality and Fetish in Client Sessions

Since the 60’s sexual revolution, two distinct pathways of Sacred Eros have emerged. One is the path of the Light that includes Tantra, Quodoshka and other spiritual orientations. One is the path into the Darker aspects of Eros – Fetish, Kink and BDSM.

Until recently these two distinct paths have appeared separate and contrary. But Eros holds both of these aspects in ways that are authentic, valid, inherent, true and sacred. Dark and Light are the Yin/Yang of Eros. Energetically, the path of the Light ascends thru the crown to heaven (spirit/universal,/out of body/refined), the path of Dark descends thru the root into the earth (soul/personal/into the body/primitive).

Have you had client’s request Fetish, Kink or BDSM oriented sessions, but have held back?

What do these requests bring up for you? Do you honor them…engage…judge? Is there some part of you that projects fear, evil, shame, disgust, pathology or spiritual superiority onto them? Was inexperience in how to support a client’s dark desires an issue? What do you do with your own dark, taboo desires?

Would it benefit your business to open to the expanding market for Dark Tantra?

Most of us carry personal baggage in one way or another of our sexually dysfunctional culture. This can make it a challenge to honor our own truths sexually, let alone embrace the paradox of Dark and Light Eros as it may show up in our clients.

The Tantra Domina Workshop: Weaving Light and Dark Eros together. How to use aspects of Neo Tantra and Mindfullness to develop a sacred mature foundation in our D/s and BDSM sessions with our clients. Learn about the relevance of ritual, breath, body-awareness/embodiment and presence as tools to build and maintain deeper intimacy, trust and safety with our clients, allowing us to access their deepest physical, emotional and spiritual need to surrender ,serve and authentically express their darkest sexual desires.

Workshop Outline

Unravel the Paradox of Dark and Light Eros….how both are true, not either/or…and sacred

Reflect on our judgments, projections and fears…creating a safe environment to share honestly

Honor both Light and Dark – “…the Dark yearns to be loved too.”

The Dark Goddess….Kali in Leather and High Heels and other Archetypes
The Mythic Structure of D/s and BDSM….how the sacred and profane hold together

Embracing your Inner Slut…honoring, welcoming, blessing her truth, pleasure and value

Combining Tantra and Fetish in a session – what does it look like

Safety – physical, emotional, spiritual

Sacred Ritual D/s, BDSM demo

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