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Conscious D/s – BDSM  workshop

Exploring Fetish Desires in the Foundation of Sacred Sexuality

Tantra Domina Workshop for Professional Practitioners

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  1. Hi. My boyfriend are talking about exploring some play with kink. I’m not really sure where or how to begin. Could you give me any direction like websites to look at, or places to get good information, or how to go about it, and what to be aware of? I’d appreciate any help you could offer.

    Thank you


    • Hi Allie

      Besides the info on my site, try …lots of info available there in a variety of groups on specific subjects…kind of like facebook for kink.

      If you need more personalized support, you and/or your boyfriend might consider booking an appointment with me for a consulation to help your sort through how to best begin…and what to look out for.

      Good luck


  2. Hello. My husband and I recently began exploring the d/s relationship. He has always had a dominate/ controlling personality and I have always been somewhat submissive. I asked him if he would take it further and take complete control. I know this takes time and I know I am completely submissive but I think he feels unsure of his role to a point. I would like him to completely dominate me…. I mean from telling me what to wear, eat, etc. to how to be during sex. He has asked me to print off information but he really doesn’t enjoy reading. I am curious about the workshops. Is there anything out there as like a dom mentor or anything like that? Thanks, Amy~

    • Hi Amy

      Thanks for voicing your desires and intention…and searching for support! I do not know where you live, but, so can’t offer a local workshop possibility.

      Check out the Personal Guidance link about for how I might support someone who has both the desire and some conflict that holds back or diminishes the desire.

      Pursue you passions in a conscious way and you will be richly rewarded!


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