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I have helped hundreds of sincere people find a safe,  honorable path,  for the  conscious engagement of their sexuality, no matter what the truth of it is.  Just as importantly, they also learned to express their desires in a way that remained in  integrity with their agreements to themselves and others important to them.

My professional work over the last 12 years, as a guide for individuals, couples and groups is focused on creating a safe, sacred environment that supports the expression and exploration of the hidden or repressed aspects of our Sexuality.  This includes any aspect of Kink, Fetish, BDSM, or Dominance and submission. My intention is to help others confidently embody the truth of their Eros, and begin to heal the fear, shame or judgment that may have been holding their Eros back. I support anyone who desires to ground their sexuality, both Dark and Light, in a personally sacred and mature foundation. I believe Dark and Light are the Yin/Yang of Eros.

My intensive exploration of the spiritual, psychological, emotional, mythic and ritual aspects of Fetish and Sacred Sexuality over the last two decades, as well as my personal work and training in shadow work, voice-dialogue, depth psychology, conscious movement, conscious touch, neo-Tantra, D/s and BDSM, shamanism and variety of ritual practices, has led me to the path of being an Erotic guide, mentor, advocate for sexual healing and honesty

I completed my undergrad work at Portland State University and am in my last year of grad studies to obtain a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology degree, specializing in the research and understanding of Fetish Eros,  from Sofia University aka The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

I have studied with or taken workshops or presented with a variety of leading practitioners including Anna Marti, Baba Dez, Mukee Olan, Amira, ZeeRak Khan, Reid Mihalko, and numerous others.

Besides my private practice ( ), working with individuals and couples, I conduct workshops that explore the balance between sacred sexuality practices and  Fetish,  and sexual healing. I have worked with hundreds of people individually and in my workshops throughout the West Coast. I have presented in the past at The Daka/Dakini Conference, Sedona, AZ, The Sacred Sexuality Conference, Seattle, WA; DomConLA, LA, CA; am a educator; Living in Leather, Dallas and Seattle; The Eulenspiegel Society, NYC; Rose City Discussion Club, Portland; the Wet Spot, Seattle; and others.

I am the author of the acclaimed book, “The Sharp Edge of Love”, and the designer of the Tetruss portable, lightweight, free-standing suspension bondage rig ( ). I am actively involved in a variety of Portland, OR communities from ecstatic dance, men’s work, PDX D/s-BDSM community, sacred sexuality, training adult mentors for teen boys, and leading intensive right of passage adventure weekends for teenage boys. I am also a dedicated guitarist/composer (see ).

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